These are the kinds of substances needed for a healthy diet, check it out!

These are the kinds of substances needed for a healthy diet, check it out!

The various substances needed for a healthy diet for dieters should really be known. So when deciding to go on a diet, it is proper to master the intake of what is needed by the body. Do not let after desperately applying a diet (which is considered) healthy it turns out to be wrong to do it. What a shame. If you want to be healthy, there is even malnutrition.

Most people think that diet is a pattern of eating to lose weight or lose weight. But it’s not really like that. Diet is a person’s eating habits and has become a lifestyle. For example, if a person likes to eat fried food, it means he has been on a high-fat diet. If you like to eat sweet, it means a high-sugar diet.
substances needed in the diet

These are the kinds of substances needed for a healthy and safe diet

From now on, get rid of the thought that diet is only applicable and needed by people who are obese or overweight. Actually diet is needed by anyone who wants a healthy body. So the diet is adjusted to the purpose of going on a diet. Here are the various substances needed for a healthy and safe diet:


Especially those who are on a diet to lose weight usually avoid carbohydrate intake. Many have even let their bodies go limp. Though carbohydrate intake is needed to produce energy. Carbohydrates such as rice if excessive is not good. Not just for those who are overweight. But for humans in general.

Why eat a lot of carbohydrates, not good? Carbohydrates that are not complex carbohydrates produce many sugar substances that are difficult for the body to digest. that is why it is highly recommended that the various substances needed for a healthy diet consist of complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates also contain fiber including potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, corn, and brown rice.


For a healthy diet program, protein is needed. Carbohydrates are often replaced with protein intake because protein can make the stomach feel full longer. But don’t let carbohydrates be eliminated altogether. Each substance must be created with its own benefits. If it is removed, it will certainly have a negative impact.
Various substances needed for a healthy diet one of which is protein that functions in muscle formation. Protein consists of animal and vegetable proteins. Vegetable protein is found in nuts. Certain vegetables also contain protein. While animal protein comes from low-fat meat, fish, eggs, milk, and cheese. Dense muscle mass makes the body fit and strong.


Water is also included in the various substances needed for a healthy diet. 80% of the body consists of water content. What will happen if the body is dehydrated? Many dangers are approaching. Dehydration makes the body have to work extra hard to control metabolism. People can last more than a week without food.

But without water people can only survive a maximum of three days. Do not underestimate fluid intake. Indeed, sometimes if you only experience low-level dehydration, people will not really feel it but the body will become less fit. The skin becomes rougher. The body is not as fit when water intake is met. Water also serves to facilitate digestion. Imagine if digestion is not smooth. Constipation occurs.

If constipation often occurs, then hemorrhoids can attack. In addition, the body’s metabolism is also chaotic. Keep your fluid intake at least eight glasses every day. But don’t make soft drinks and sugary drinks to fulfill the body’s need for fluids. The best is the intake of water and this is the safest and healthiest.

Vitamins and minerals

To meet the various substances needed for a healthy diet include vitamins and minerals. In order for the organs in the body to function properly, it can be fulfilled by consuming fruits. Fruits contain various vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body. In addition, green vegetables are a source of vitamins and minerals.

Various vitamins should be consumed in a variety of ways. Don’t just stick to one or a few vitamins and minerals. However, consumption varies so that all can carry out their respective functions. Consumption of vegetables and fruits makes the nutrients in the body more balanced. Thus metabolism will also be more awake.

Various substances needed for a healthy diet are found in fruits and vegetables. Both are. mandatory menu for those who want smoother digestion. Not only that, the beauty of skin and hair can be guaranteed. The average woman is very aware of the need for intake of vegetables and fruits for the regeneration process of skin and body cells other.


Who said that fat is a substance that is not needed and harmful to the body? Many people think that consuming fat will make the body fatter. But actually fat is needed by the body you know. There are bad fats, but there are good fats too.
The various substances needed for a healthy diet include good fats. Good fats are needed by the body to keep the cell system and tissue structure of the body running according to their function. Bad fats are usually produced by fast food, as well as foods that are fried in a lot of oil. Note that fried food is indeed very delicious on the tongue, especially the tongue of people in this country. Fried food is a favorite snack of all ages.

Unfortunately, by consuming fried foods, bad fats will accumulate in the blood. The long-term consequences that can arise include high cholesterol. Blockages in the blood will occur and are at risk for coronary heart disease.

While good fats can be obtained from fish, poultry, even in some types of vegetables there are good fats needed. Yes indeed to be healthy we have to sacrifice and not spoil what tastes good on the tongue. Pay attention to what the benefits are for the body and what the consequences may be. Don’t sacrifice your body for the fleeting pleasures of the tongue.


With the fiber content, the digestive process will be smoother. With smooth digestion, the process of disposal in the body will be smooth. The effect is the body’s metabolism will be smoother. In addition, the detox process or the elimination of toxins in the body will not be hampered. The body will be healthier and fitter.
So, those are the various substances needed for a healthy diet so that the body is always in shape and rarely gets sick. Do not forget to pay attention to the amount of intake. In one serving of the dinner plate, pay close attention to the ideal amount. A quarter for carbohydrate intake. A quarter of the portion for protein intake. A quarter for the vegetables. A quarter for fruit.

Also note, for anyone high intake of sugar must be avoided. Especially artificial sugar. If you still want to consume sugar, consume only a little. If possible, replace it with natural sugars such as honey or fruit. It would be better to avoid the body from the disease that currently affects many people around the world, namely diabetes.

After knowing the various substances needed for a healthy diet and their benefits, from now on consume healthy foods. Get rid of the feeling of wanting to always pamper the tongue by consuming unhealthy foods. Regret will come later when you are sick. Happy living a healthy lifestyle.

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